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Founder of “Blossom de Art Craft Academy” in 2017 & “The Blossom” in 2019 which is the biggest plan and decision in my life. Like many of you who almost reach mid age and start wish to change the career path but “WHAT CAN I DO”? It sounds familiar, right? To be an entrepreneur really need a big courage and I understand there will be plenty of the obstacles going to overcome. To pursue and fulfil my “DREAM”, I willing take the challenge and create it in 2017.

Many people might think this will be the failure business but with the positive thinking and keep on passion, I had done the mission and groom more entrepreneurs who might like me “WHO WANT TO BE AN ENTERPRENUER”. It can be female or male with any races and religious.

I am a sick baby since young, with asthma and cause mine respiratory system become very sensitive till I get the eczema. At first I had no any other choose beside than see doctor and get the healing cream from the pharmacy. It’s only help for temporarily only, until I coincidence use of the herbal soap where gift from my friend. She told me it’s can help and wish me to try it up. It’s work!

From then, I started to studied more about the “NATURAL” curing way and learn how to identify the harmful ingredients in my daily use products including (cleaning, body care, hair care, cosmetic ….. since like everything).

I start to be the Natural Artisan and my goal is to use and create the natural care recipes. Beside than create the “External Healthy” I wish to get the balance where can have “Internal Healthy” too by using art combination with the natural ingredients like natural soy wax candle, aromatherapy essential oils etc.

2017, Entrepreneur Programme born. I had launched the natural soap making and personal care programmes to groom the potential students who lack of fund and with the great passionate want to join the handmade field.

2018, Women always like to makeup and I overcome the milestone to create the natural cosmetic series for those who like to use or produce the natural cosmetic for own & others. This is a great experience for all.

2019, with the passionate of the candle art I had design the syllabus combination of KNDA programme with the “Everyone Affordable Price” without travel to oversea.

2020, another new “ERA” going to happen ! Stay tune….!


Shirley Lee


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