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Master Formulator Business Diploma Course



Master Formulator Business Diploma Course

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Master Formulator Business Diploma Course is suitable for beginners who don’t have require any experience in handmade making. 


  • Have you ever thought about what “slogans” are better to sell in the market? “Handmade + natural” How do you think?
  • Is there a relatively low-capital entrepreneurship? Master Formulator Business Diploma Course
    definitely is a good choice for you
  • After learning, don’t know how to enter the market? Don’t worry, we offer complete entrepreneurship marketing and support, making it easy for you to enter the market.
  • To form the student from 0-based to hand-made master!

These includes:
Soap design ➡️ Perfume Design ➡️ Candle Design ➡️ Modern Plaster Design

Entrepreneurship marketing and support is enough to make your HANDMADE career to a better tomorrow

Course duration :

  • Physical Class – 6 days

Course contains : 

Module 1 – Soap Formulation & Calculation Method

Module 2 – Marseille Body Soap Bar – Eczema Herb Soap Bar – Rainy Soap – Forest Design Soap – Dessert Fruity Cupcake Soap

Module 3 – Breast Milk Soap – Milky Facial Cleansing Bar

Module 4 – Perfumer – Created Parfum, EDP & EDT perfumes in class

Module 5 –Sea breeze plaster diffuser baseTerrazzo gypsum diffuser base Concrete Diffuser baseWording Terarazzo Plaster Diffuser base – Glass Terrazzo gypsum diffuser

Module 6 – Crystallise Pillar Candle – Gel Candle Holder – Message Candle – Flora and Herb Container Candle – Hurricane Candle Holder – Lemonande Ice Gel Candle

Module 7 – Marketing Research & Analysis – Marketing Strategy – Operational Plan – Financial Plan


Hands-on section* Physical class

  1. 1-3 students maximum per session.
  2. Students will need to have all materials ready before the lesson for select excluded material ingredients.
  3. List will be provided right after the registration.

Upon the completion of the course, you will receive the Master Formulator Business Diploma Certificate

(Accredited by International Education Board , London Professional Certificate with GPA & CPD Points International Recognition Certificate Verification from IEB Website)

Why must get professional certificate ?


Master Formulator Business Diploma Course适合没有任何手工制作经验的初学者。

  • 你有没有想过在市场上卖什么“标语”比较好? “手工+自然”你怎么看?
  • 有没有比较低资本的创业?Master Formulator Business Diploma Course,绝对是你的好选择
  • 学完不知道怎么进入市场?别担心,我们提供完整的创业营销和支持,让您轻松进入市场。
  • 从零基础到成为一名手工大师!




实体课 – 6 天


Module 1 – 手工皂配方设计及计算方法

Module 2 – 马赛沐浴皂 – 湿疹香草皂 – 雨皂 – 森林设计皂

Module 3 – 母乳皂 – 乳状洁面皂

Module 4 – 精油调香 – 在课堂上制作3 款香水 (PARFUM – 浓香水  , Eau de Parfum – 香 水,  Eau de toilette – 淡香水)

Module 5 – 海风石膏扩散器底座 – 水磨石石膏扩散器底座 – 混凝土扩散器底座 – Wording Terarazzo 石膏扩香器底座

Module 6 -结晶柱状蜡烛 – 凝胶烛台 – 留言蜡烛 – 植物和香草容器蜡烛 – 飓风烛台

Module 7 – 营销研究与分析 – 营销战略 – 运营计划 – 财务计划


实体课 :

  1. 每节课最多1-3名学生。
  2. 学生需要在课前准备好所有材料,除了课堂上课用的原料。
  3. 报名后将立即提供材料名单(网上课程)


》》完成课程后,您将获得 Master Formulator Business Diploma Certificate

(Accredited by International Education Board , London Professional Certificate with GPA & CPD Points International Recognition Certificate Verification from IEB Website)



Remarks :

? For Registration:*Payment details
Payment to hongleong bank
2280 0014 593
?Blossom de Art Craft Academy
Once payment done, please share the bank in slip via WhatsApp to +60197252660

After payment, please provide the below details :
* workshop name & date :
* student name
* contact
* Payment advise slip / payment proof
  • For any cancellations after booking will incur a 20% cancellation fee.
  • Blossom do not provide any refunds or replacement classes to participants who are late to the class/cancel two days before the workshop date.
  • All the booking confirmation upon full payment.


>> For enquiry please contact us at

>> Blossom Facebook Link:

>> Shop Location:

**Instructor : Shirley Lee (She is a certified Handmade soap instructor. With her passionate and creativity, I believe you will come across a fantastic day)

Qualification :

  • Taiwan Hand Art Association  * KNDA Certified Instructor    *CLAB Certified Instructor    *UKPA Perfumers
  • Professional Certificate in Napkin Decoupage *KDCA Korea Essential Oils Perfumer Certified Instructor
  • HMC Korea Hastable Master Certified Instructor  *ISDH Bubble Bar Design Certified Instructor

**The class can be conduct in bilingual (Mandarin, English or Malay)

You also can take a look for other ingredients as link Product Ingredients Archives | The Blossom


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Excluded Material Ingredients, Included Material Ingredients

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