About The Blossom

How did we started?

the word we must be very familiar with. Still remember during our childhood time it also be our essay title. At that time, we must be full of ambition to write this topic with full of inspiration. Majority of us will have the ambition to become a doctor, lawyer, teacher, and many, many other occupations too.

But it is strange that many people will come across with such an experience that people around will always say “do not daydreams”, “ do not think too much” to suppress our dream.

Once upon a time our dream was described as being
“think too much”

is not a problem, but if think without action is the biggest problem. Of course, the reality is always cruel when we are getting older, we are no longer talk about the dream. We just manage to figure up how to survive with three meals a day or maybe can have a little spare cash to travel, most of us already felt satisfied. 

"Are you willing to let go of your DREAM & continue live in this condition?"

Blossom de Art Craft Academy

is the creation of our “think too much” dream product. Our philosophy are







& also to promote more creative handmade art with full of inspiration.

Our Services

Blossom Club

We wish to provide the cozy atmosphere and friendly platform for our BLOSSOM CLUB members to explore their creativity and imagination in art.

Here, we have coming launching varieties of handmade workshop which could let our members to feel relax and it also help to reduce the stress in the life too during the craft time. It may help to inspire more people to develop in art as their career path too.

We also like everyone as “an ordinary people”. Everybody is equal as I believe if I can you can he can everyone also can. Don’t think without action. “Just do it” !