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Who is IEB ?


​IEB – International Education Board – as a Global Certification Authority, we use our expertise in universities network management to support the implementation of quality assurance standard systems around the world. As accreditation systems have grown in size and global complexity, quality assurance systems have progressively evolved to a level where official certifications are required for operational standards recognition.

​Besides traditional higher education channels, online and distance learning, vocational training and former learning recognition are relevant in the professional practice world. The dramatic change in worldwide higher education requires self-regulating institutions like IEB to improve the quality assurance mechanism.

​IEB, International Education Board, recognizes educational institutions for research performance, student services and teaching quality to enhance public confidence.  Our accreditation of educational institutions, training schools, professional practice certifications is a voluntary, non-governmental quality assurance and institutional development process.

The IEB an international leading institution allows unconditional operability in a system of impartial self-regulation according to the most modern educational evaluation systems. Our institutional verification programs are non-governmental higher validations within the constitutional freedom to evaluate organizations.

​As a result, institutions are examined through pragmatic and concrete approach; flexibility to each operational reality actualizes in Points Profile Score assignment to every specific educational, administrative and management areas. The Points Profile Score meets the international standards requirements.

Benefits of
IEB Accreditation

IEB accreditation enhances the student by ensuring that the educational programs offered meet globally recognized and accepted standards. After receiving IEB accreditation, the student also will have better consideration by national and multinational leading organizations.

As a fully accredited university, you will get the Certificate of Accreditation IEB, the Performance Review Report Points Certificate and an Audit Report Certificate. These documents will prove that your educational programs meet global standards. Your Profile Score Points are quality evidence of your education and will allow you to enjoy a competitive advantage over other universities.

CPD Accreditation

Continual Professional Development

​Continual professional development, or CPD, is an integral part of your career progression. It consists of a range of activities that you’ll go through as your grow and develop in your job. To track your progress, you will need to keep a record of your CPD points.

​A common question is, “what are CPD points? You’ll probably be required to keep a track of the CPD training you complete. Even if it’s not necessary, it will boost your CV and help you when negotiating a pay rise.

CPD course certification is a way of assigning value to the continual personal development that you undertake. Every CPD course that you take should come with a points value assigned.

​The points for each course are calculated based on the time it should take to complete – one hour of learning is worth one CPD point. Employers and professional associations will have different needs for your CPD points so be sure you confirm what you need from them.

​Keeping a record of your CPD in a logbook or portfolio will mean you don’t have to try to remember everything over the years. It’s a way of you tracking your own development and path towards achieving your goals – you will quickly be able to see how far you’ve come in your professional development.

Master Formulator Business Diploma Course

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