Guar Gum 200 Mesh (Food Grade/ Cosmetic Thickener)



Guar Gum 200 Mesh

Guar Gum 200 Mesh- A natural, gluten-free emulsifier and stabiliser used as a thickener.

Processed from the guar plant and has no other ingredients.

Is a fine off-white powder made from ground guar beans and is an economical food thickener because only a small amount is needed, unlike thickeners like cornstarch.

It prevents the formation of ice crystals, is freeze-thaw stable, and gives ice cream a smooth, creamy mouthfeel.

In pastry, it prevents fruit fillings from weeping and can replace wheat flour in gluten-free bread.

  • USAGE – Guar Gum is used as a thickener that is better than corn starch. It is an emulsifier, stabilizer, and volume enhancer. Guar Gum is frequently used in commercial puddings and ice creams. It prevents the formation of ice crystals in ice cream, is freeze-thaw stable, and gives the product a smooth, creamy mouth feel.
Function: Viscosity enhancer, emulsion stabilizer,
skin softening, conditioning
Application: Lotion, cream, face mask, conditioner,
shampoo, etc.


Trade Name: Guar Gum
INCI Name: Guar Gum
Properties: Plant derived cream colored powder; disperse in water. Food Grade.
Use: Disperse in water before use. Dosage 0.1– 2%,
Packing Size: 25 KG

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