Rose Bulgaria Moisturizing Mist/Toner DIY Recipe
Rose Bulgaria Moisturizing Mist Toner DIY Recipe

This Rose Bulgaria Moisturizing Mist/Toner DIY Recipe makes such an amazing light moisturizer – you can spray it onto your face, all over your body and even your hair. You’ll love that this recipe is simple to make and nourishment!

The aroma is sweet, fresh and springlike. ?

Rose Bulgaria Hydrosol benefits
✅calms the skin,
✅reducing inflammation
✅maintains a healthy pH
✅mildly astringent, so it makes for a great skin toner, keeping your pores clean and clear.

This Rose Bulgaria Moisturizing Mist/Toner DIY  is fantastic for sensitive skin because it won’t dry it out.

The rich antioxidant qualities of the natural derivatives of rose petals combine to create a toner that does its job to refresh and renew the skin

This Rose Bulgaria Moisturizing Mist/Toner DIY Recipe shows how to make an easy homemade mist/toner recipe.

INGREDIENTS (Rose Bulgaria Moisturizing Mist/Toner DIY)

1/2 cup Bulgaria Rose Hydrosol

2-3 tablespoons oil of your choice and/or glycerin I used jojoba oil in mine – it closely resembles our own skin’s sebum (skin’s natural oils), and soaks in very quickly making it a hydrating, yet very light moisturizer.

spray bottle

✅mix all of the ingredients together in a spray bottle and shake well till all ingredients mix well.
✅Done…. !

I hope you’re getting excited as I am going to use it now..!

Just get started, and you could have your first natural skincare product in just 5 minutes!

Stay tune…for more upload “Free” Recipe…!

You also can take a look for other natural herbs as link Product Ingredients Archives | The Blossom


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Written by Shirley

August 5, 2021

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