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Portable Folding Foot Soak Bucket Bag




Portable Folding Foot Soak Bucket Bag


Sore feet after a long hike, exercise, or run while camping outdoors? Just take out a bag, fill it with water and soak your feet! Or better yet, use it as a bucket to wash your socks while you’re at it!


📌The Portable Foot Soak Bucket Bag is made of five-layer thick fabric to ensure that water won’t ever leak out. It is stable with a firm bottom, so it won’t easily fall when you use it for foot baths, washing clothes, or even washing your hair outdoors or on business trips, etc. Order your travel bucket!

🔸 The Portable Foot Soak Bucket Bag is designed to keep your water hotter for longer.

🔸 The unique, three-dimensional shape is difficult to tip over and eliminates any mess.



Material: PEVA Insulation Aluminum Film

✅Foldable – save place.

✅Water Proof

✅5 Layer – Keep warm

✅Storage Bag – Portable

✅ SIZE M – L 30cm , H 20cm

✅ Color: Green and Gray


🔸 Double handles make it easy to pour water without any fuss.

🔸 Lightweight and foldable, easy to transport and store.


1 x Foot Soaking Bucket


🔸 After use, Folding Steps :


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Weight 0.1 kg

Green, Gray

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