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The Blossom Solution is a One stop company providing excellent OEM and ODM services for our clients.

We mainly provide skin care, body care, hair care and cosmetic products either in low amount, bulk or private labelled under your company name.

Our partner’s manufacturing plant makes products on manufacturing lines approved under strict manufacturing standards (G.M.P.).

We carry out ongoing research and development in order to respond to a variety of different needs. Thorough quality control is implemented in all processes, from the strict selection of raw materials through to export and delivery of the final product. Customers’ needs are met, including the selection of manufacturing lines to suit lots, and cost reductions can be achieved through partnerships with overseas factories.

          Skin Care Products

A healthy skin is a beautiful skin, and our products of finest quality ingredients that care for the skin reveal the inner glow radiantly. We cover almost every expect of skin problem including aging acne, dry skin, skin tone and complexion, sensitive skin, exhausted skin and etc.



           Spa Products

Holistic spa treatment for the body, soul and mind made from the purest and most natural ingredients.



Personal Care and Toiletries Products

Personal care and toiletries products maintains hygiene and freshness even hours after application.




Hair Care Products
For professional looking results, hair care products revitalize the hair from the roots to the tip.



        Cosmetic Products

Cosmetic The design, functions, colors and materials used in the product are customized based on the requirements made.



          Natural Soap Bar Products

Our soap bases are making from plant base with natural and biodegrable ingredients. 100% safe for skin and environment.




Aromatherapy Candle Products

Aromatherapy Soy Wax Candles are an excellent and amazing way to unwind and relax.  The sweet scents complement the cosy candlelight help to put you in the right mood for perfect enjoyment.




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Please click here to send us your inquiry.





Please click here to send us your inquiry.



You also can take a look for other ingredients as link Product Ingredients Archives | The Blossom


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Skin Care Products, Spa Products, Personal Care and Toiletries Products, Hair Care Products, Cosmetic Products, Natural Soap Products, Aromatherapy Candle Products

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