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Palm Wax Candle FLAKES

Packing: 1 kg/ 5 kg packed in plastic bag OR 25 kg packed in guni bag



Palm Wax Candle FLAKES

is 100% natural wax made from palm berries.

Make your own candles with palm wax so easy and economic.

Palm wax burns slow with low soot and retain scent and this makes it suitable for making pillar candles or container candles.

Palm wax is often a popular wax choice among candle makers because it hardens into a beautiful crystalline pattern and biodegradable.

This Palm Wax for Candle / Cosmetics is in powder form.

Melting Point : 50ºC to 60°C


  • Get your wicks and sustainer ready by gluing it to the bottom of the jars/containers.
  • Clip the wick upright with plastic clip at the top of the jars/containers.
  • Heat wax direct over low fire or in a double boiler.
  • Be careful not to overheat wax.
  • Stir occasionally (overheated wax will discolor and/or burn your wax).
  • Remove wax from fire and allow wax to cool down for 5 minutes.
  • Add color & fragrance or essential oil. (Oils will evaporate if the wax is too hot)
  • Stir and mix gently.
  • Gently pour the wax into jars/containers.
  • Allow wax to set at room temperature and let it cure for 1-2 days into a crystalized look.

To clean up your tools and pot is to wipe them out with a paper towel and spray a little rubbing alcohol while they are still warm.

We suggest to experiment with a small batch to get the right scent and look for your candle. Add variations by doing different colored layers or combining different waxes together.

You also can take a look for other candle making ingredients as link Product Ingredients Archives | The Blossom


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Weight 1.1 kg



1000 g, 5000 g, 25.0 kg

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