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Mugwort Natural Handmade Soap



Mugwort Natural Handmade Soap

“TheBlossom” Mugwort Natural Handmade Soap using in-house mugwort infused oil & fresh powder included premier base oil.

Mugwort herb is another wonder herb since ancient time.

Traditional Chinese and Japanese medicine has high regard on the medicinal benefit of Mugwort.

It is used to arrest menstrual bleeding, skin condition and treat respiratory complication;

the herb industry claimed it is beneficial as antivirus and antibiotic as in acupuncturists’ practice treating some medical condition.

Mugwort emits a unique aroma, which promotes mental calmness.

Ancient people believed that Mugwort has the ability to cure and purify one’s body while improving blood circulation and increasing immunity.

Take a bath in Mugwort Natural Handmade Soap and allow it to bring about natural sterilization.

Besides, its fragrance repels mosquitoes and also purifies one’s body and mind.

  • In its manufacturing procedure, a 45 degree celsius low-temperature cold-pressed method is employed to prevent high temperature damage to the nutrients of the plant oils. “The Blossom” Handmade soap contains pure essential oils, without preservatives, colour pigments, or synthetic additives.
  • It also contains specially selected mild moisturising ingredients for sensitive skin, with low percentage of soap base used.
  • The shape and size of the soap are carved in the way so as to allow for easy grasp in the hand, which makes it so easy and convenient to use.

Size: 90 gram < per soap bar

TO USE: Clean body as normal method.

To extend the usage of handmade soap, please keep it under dry condition and avoid immersing in water (as it softens easily);

You also can take a look for other “TheBlossom” handmade soap series as link Product Ingredients Archives | The Blossom


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