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Lemongrass Powder

Packing size: 100 gram packed in paper bag



Lemongrass Powder that is used in the preparation of soaps, infused oils, lotions and scrubs.


It is also as a substitute for fragrance.


This flower is widely applied in the making of cosmetics due to its lovely scent and properties.


Country of origin: Taiwan
Botanical name: Lemongrass
Parts used: leave
Colour: Green
Scent: Lemongrass
Packing size: 100 gram OR 500 gram
Cautions: For craft purposes only, do not consume.




Mix powder with a small amount of water before mixing into melted soap base, this will avoid powder from


clumping up.


Can also be used in Cold processed soap making and other formulations.


The powder may turn color when in contact with heat or lye.


When used in other dry or water-based formulations, best used with a preservative.

Additional information

Weight 0.11 kg

100 gram, 500 gram


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