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Korean Fragrance Design Candle Art Course



[Korean Fragrance Design Candle Art Course]

Korean Fragrance Design Candle Art Course, a full-day course perfect for basic learners who wish to craft basic candle. In this Korean Fragrance Design Candle Art Course , you are expected to learn 5 candles with all the basic knowledge and troubleshooting during the candle making process.


Briefing for the Korean Fragrance Design Candle Art Course – workshop:

  1. Container Scented CandleLearn the new formulation of wax, fragrance oil, pouring temperature
  2. Container Garden Candle – Learn how to arrange the dried flower around the candle without burnt the flower when you lid
  3. Jelly wax flower candle Learn how to tends to get out the bubbles.
  4. Scent Wax Sachet – Learn how to choose suitable wax for sachet use to prevent crack.
  5. Succulent CandleLearn how to decorate your candle with learning how to reduce the troubleshooting of candles

*** Additional: – Learn how to make a perfectly smooth surface, wick choosing, and scent percentage in this class

Relax and calm your mind in a warm and intimate room, softly lit by the flame of the candle. The soothing aroma of the candle will take you on a journey of senses.

Giving handmade aromatherapy candles to friends and family is a great gift. Guided by Instructor from Blossom, learn how to make our very own candle to scent our home in a natural way.

Benefits — The smell of scented candles stimulates our limbic system, the part of the brain that is home to our memory and emotions. Hormones like serotonin and dopamine can be produced to help regulate mood. 

Total Duration: 5 hours 

* For physical class students :

  • Tools are provided during the class use
  • A set of theory notes & recipe
  • Certificate of Attendance

For online class students :

What you’ll receive at home:

  • Full materials will be send to your mailing address
  • A set of theory notes & recipe during online class
  • Live tutorials for your pre-booking selected date & time.

Learning Modes: Theory + Practical (Individual Work)

Upon the completion of the course, you will receive a certificate from Blossom de Art Craft Academy.


Remarks :

? For Registration:

*Payment details
Payment to hongleong bank
2280 0014 593
?Blossom de Art Craft Academy
Once payment done, please share the bank in slip via WhatsApp to +60197252660

After payment, please provide the below details :
  • Workshop name & date :
  • Student name :
  • Contact :
  • Email Address :
  • Payment advise slip / payment proof


Term & Conditions

**Instructor : Shirley Lee (She is a certified Handmade soap instructor. With her passionate and creativity, I believe you will come across a fantastic day)

**The class can be conduct in bilingual (Mandarin, English or Malay)

You also can take a look for other ingredients as link Product Ingredients Archives | The Blossom


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  • For any enquiry , please contact us at +6019-7252660 or via whatsapp

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