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Jasmine powder/ Serbuk Bunga Melati/ 茉莉花粉

Packing size: 100 gram or 500 gram



Jasmine powder

Jasmine Powder that is used in the preparation of soaps, infused oils, lotions and scrubs.

It is also as a substitute for fragrance.

This flower is widely applied in the making of cosmetics due to its lovely scent and properties.

When used in skincare, jasmine acts as an effective antibacterial, soothing dry skin and eczema and increasing cell turnover to lighten the appearance of scars.

Treating skin imbalances holistically, jasmine balances hormone levels and works as a formidable stress-reducing therapy.

Jasmine contains moisturizing properties to stop prevent hair breakage.

Similar to fan favorites such as jojoba oil, jasmine oil is light and able to penetrate the hair shaft and cuticle to deeply conditions.

It also maintains your natural moisture and elasticity.

Country of origin: Taiwan
Botanical name: Jasminum
Parts used: Flower
Colour: Beige
Scent: Jasmine
Packing size: 100 gram or 500 gram
Caution: For craft, soap making or skincare purpose

*100% Pure *No preservative *No artificial colouring * No additive

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100 g, 500 g

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