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Herbal Skin Rescue Pet Balm

Pet Balm Suitable for Cats and Dogs All Natural Ingredients Handmade Pet Balm. Weight: +/- 30g


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Herbal Skin Rescue Pet Balm

Herbal Skin Rescue Pet Balm- Suitable for Cats and Dogs All Natural Ingredients Handmade Pet Balm.

We can all get itchy skin at points in time and it is the same for our cute doggie companions.

But there aren’t many salves and balms available on the market that are 100% natural like ours which is why we created our herbal skin rescue the pet itchy skin balm.

Our pets are part of our families and so why wouldn’t we go natural with them?

It is safe for cats, dogs, humans and the environment.

Lick-safe formula, easy to apply.

Lick-safe formula :

Can be used frequently and is perfectly safe if your dog licks the balm after application. However, although licking a small amount won’t hurt your pooch please don’t allow them to consume the whole pot as it is not intended as a source of food.

Directions of Use :

Rub a small amount into the affected area up to three times a day and allow to sink in for a few minutes. Allow the balm time to sink in, cover if necessary if your dog decides to lick.

This Pet Balm does NOT contain the following:-

  • Harmful preservatives Paraben
  • Synthetic chemicals
  • Artificial colours Cosmetic fragrances

Weight: +/- 30g


* Do not use on open wounds. If symptoms persist consult a professional.

* Keep out of reach of children. External use only.

* All with strictly procedures by handmade and packed well to ensure the freshness.

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