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Fragrance Bath Products Fundamental Course


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Fragrance Bath Products Fundamental Course

Fragrance Bath Products Fundamental Course

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Course Introduction

Fragrance Bath Products Fundamental Course Ready to start your own bath bomb business? Now that you have a viable bath bomb business idea but how to execute on it ? How to start a fragrance bath products business ? Once you’ve mastered your fragrance bath products formulations, it’s time to start selling. Where do you want to sell and ship to? How will you manage inventory and fulfilment?

Learn the fantastic art of making fizzing bath bombs that can balance your skin pH with water and soften your skin.

You will customize fragrance bath products base on your favorite color, shine, aroma and botanicals.


Who this course is for:

  • Beginner to medium
  • People who want to Learn how to make their own Personal care products from scratch

* What you’ll learn

  • Introduction about the raw material
  • Equipment and tools
  • Mixing method of all the ingredients
  • Information about color and aroma oil choose & mixing techniques
  • Step by step of bath bomb making
  • All the techniques, tips and tricks which are useful during the process
  • Using exciting scents, colorings, decorations, shapes and forms to make tailor made bath bombs
  • Labeling and packaging bath bombs

  • Costing Analysis

The artwork in the course are as follows:

  1. Basic Bath Ball (we have adjusted the production method to make a more perfect bath ball)
  2. Crystal Bath Ball
  3. Geometric bath ball (made with 3D molds in the course, and comes with rainbow spraying skills)
  4. Bath salts (the way of making herbal bath salts that provides professional courses directly in the course)
  5. Foot Bath Tablets
  6. Bubble Hand Cleanser Mousse
  7. Herbal exfoliating hand soap
If you simply like to create a bath, or like handmade fragrance products, I hope I can make bath products that are trustworthy and safe in ingredients. After learning the fragrance bath course, you can freely DIY a whole set of fragrance bath products, according to your own preferences, you can prepare works with different flavors and shapes.

It’s very fun to give away for personal use, learning once, you can make exclusive personal bath products for life.

Class Duration : 1 days

Location : Blossom de Art Craft Academy/Taman Impian Emas, Johor Bahru

This page is dedicated to introducing fundamental courses for fragrance bath products. If you want to know more about the advance bubble bar courses, please click the below :

“ISDH Design Bubble Bar Professional Course”

Upon the completion of the course, you will receive a certificate from Blossom de Art Craft Academy.


香氛沐浴产品基础课程 – 准备好开始您自己的沐浴露业务了吗? 既然您有了可行的沐浴露经营理念,那么如何执行呢? 如何开展香氛沐浴产品业务? 掌握香氛沐浴产品配方后,就可以开始销售了。 您想在哪里销售并运送到哪里? 您将如何管理库存和履行?

学习制作香氛沐浴产品的绝妙艺术,它可以平衡您的皮肤 pH 值与水并软化您的皮肤。





  1. 基础泡泡求(我们调整了制作方法,做出更完美的沐浴球)
  2. 水晶沐浴球
  3. 幾何泡澡球(課程中以3D模具製作,並附贈彩虹噴色技巧)
  4. 沐浴盐(课程直接提供专业课程的草本沐浴盐的制作方法)
  5. 足浴片
  6. 泡泡潔手慕斯
  7. 草本去角质洗手液



  • 初级到中级
  • 想要学习如何从零开始制作自己的个人护理产品的人
  • 对于那些想将爱好转化为具有新核的业务的人也适合加入这个班级。




招生地区:Blossom de Art Craft Academy/Taman Impian Emas, Johor Bahru

完成课程后,您将获得 Blossom de Art Craft Academy 颁发的证书
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. How many kinds of bath bombs I am going to learn in this course?

After doing a course from Blossom de Art Craft Academy, You can make unlimited types of bath bombs.

2. Do we get all the material ?

Yes, all the materials are readily available.

3. Will packing also be covered?

Yes, we teach you both packaging, simple and designers.

4. I don’t have a bathtub in my washroom; how this course will be fruitful for me?

No worries, you can use a bath bomb in the bucket too.

5. In case I don’t understand any topic, how do I understand it again?

After the zoom class, we will assist you tru whasapp or video call for free of cost.


Remarks :

? For Registration:*Payment details
Payment to hongleong bank
2280 0014 593
Blossom de Art Craft Academy
Once payment done, please share the bank in slip via WhatsApp to +60197252660

After payment, please provide the below details :
* workshop name & date :
* student name
* contact
* Payment advise slip / payment proof
  • For any cancellations after booking will incur a 20% cancellation fee.
  • Blossom do not provide any refunds or replacement classes to participants who are late to the class/cancel two days before the workshop date.
  • All the booking confirmation upon full payment.


*For enquiry please contact us at

**Blossom Facebook Link:

**Shop Location


**Instructor : Shirley Lee | She is a professional Natural Soap Design Artisan Certification by Taiwan| Certified Korea KNDA & CLAB instructor by Korea Association| UKPA perfumer| Professional Certificate in Napkin Decoupage| Korea KDCA Essential Oil Perfumer | HMC Korean Hastable Master Candle Artist | ISDH

With her passionate and creativity, I believe you will come across a fantastic day)

**The class can be conduct in bilingual (Mandarin, English or Malay)

You also can take a look for other ingredients as link Product Ingredients Archives | The Blossom


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