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Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Packing: 1.0/ 5.0 liter packed in HDPE bottle : 17.0 liter packed in aluminium oil pail



Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Our Extra Virgin Olive Oil is produced from the pulp and leftover flesh of the olives, after the first press is done creating E.V Olive Oil.

In essence, it is derived direct from Extra Virgin Olive Oil and contains all the best vitamins and minerals that the oil is known for.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a great addition to your cold process soap recipes and is a great base oil for many skin and hair formulations.

In soap making, E.V Olive Oil gives your CP soap a rich feel and helps to create a hard but luxurious bar once fully cured.

E.V Olive Oil produces one of the world’s most gentle and famous soaps (in liquid and bar form) called Castile Soap for the region in Italy the recipe first originated from.

The cultivation of olives and the production of olive oil have deep roots in the history of Spain and that is where we source our E.V Olive Oil from.

FACTS ON OUR Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Chemical Description : Vegetable oil extracted from olive pomace

Country of Origin: Spain

Grade: Cosmetic Grade

Botanical Name: Olea europaea Husk Oil and Olus Oil

Parts Used: Seeds

Form: Liquid

Colour: Greenish yellow (depending on batch)

Scent: Strong

Extraction method: Cold pressed

Function: Natural emollient, anti-aging, smoothing,
nourishing, moisturizing, softening,
Application: All kinds of skin care, body care, hair care
and other personal care products.


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