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Eau de Parfum EDP Perfumery Series




Eau de Parfum EDP Perfumery Series

Introducing the Perfumery Scents by Theblossom, a luxurious perfumery scents that new created special for you. This elegant and refreshing floral scent combines with all kind of main scent, woody, floral, citrus, green etc to relax your mind and energize your senses.

A local best local Malaysia perfume blends that capture the essence of Malaysia’s culture and beauty.

OUR EDP Perfumery series offer unique and captivating scents that reflect the country’s diverse heritage and landscapes. Discover the top fragrances that will transport you to the heart of Malaysia.


📌BRAND STORY TheBlossom is a global fragrance brand scents blend that provides safe and reliable fragrance products for everyone around the world to easily enjoy high-quality and beautiful scents. we performs all processes from development to production and distribution and strives to introduce safer and more attractive fragrance products.

📌Essential Oil blends Eau de Parfum perfumery 


FIVE (5) special perfumery scent blends to choose from – or enjoy one of each!


Features :

  • Materials : Eau de Parfum Perfumery series
  • Product Size : 0.16fl oz / 5ml, 1.0fl oz / 30ml, 0.68fl oz / 20ml
  • Function:Suitable for daily use
  • Long Lasting Duration:Long lasting more than 8 hours++
  • Wear to Wear : Neck, wrist, cloth and etc.
  • Packing :  Glass bottle with wooden cap


♥ No.1 FIRST LOVE Scents ~ 

  • SCENT TONE : A Floral Fruity scents for women.
  • SPECIAL FOR YOU : Its floral and elegant notes create an enchanting allure that lingers beautifully and glamorous, by a young woman gently exploring new feelings and a sense that no one has ever felt this way before.
  • KEY NOTES : Cassia, Orange, Rose, Apricot, Jasmine, Lily, and Pink Pepper.


♥ No.2 BRUNCH ANGEL Scents 

  • SCENT TONE : A Citrus with Floral Musk aromatic scents for women and men.
  • SPECIAL FOR YOU : Brunch is the most anticipated meal of our week with natural bergamot and lemon. While sweet smell of White Iris before finishing with the warm wood scent and brightly sophisticated citruses. Smell so good.
  • KEY NOTES : Lemon, Green Notes, Nutmeg, Freesia, Woody Notes, Sandalwood.


♥ No.3 SEA OF LOVE Scents 

  • SCENT TONE : A Floral Aquatic fragrance for unisex.
  • SPECIAL FOR YOU : The scent give a very calm with aquatic notes that remind us of ocean breeze. A good summer scent to get you in the travelling mood or a scent that you can wear when you get back home.
  • KEY NOTES : Lavender, Mint, Coriander, Sandalwood.



♥ No.4


  • SCENT TONE : A Floral Woody Musk scents for women
  • SPECIAL FOR YOU : A citrus notes for a surprise burst of freshness complemented by an embrace of feminine florals. It’s a daytime fragrance that fits comfortably into your daily routine or a busy day at the office. It carries an air of leisure, with just enough vibrancy for a casual night out.
  • KEY NOTES : Floral Notes, Mandarin Orange, Musk, Cedar.



♥ No.5 I WISH Scents 

  • SCENT TONE : A Amber Floral scents for women.
  • SPECIAL FOR YOU : A iconic floral bouquet is revealed and reinvented. Leaves me feeling positive and determined, and the aromatic edge will provide extra support and confidence boost.
  • KEY NOTES : Bergamot, Jasmine, Sandalwood.







Here are 10 tips to help you with proper storage:

  1. Do not leave the perfume in direct sunlight
  2. High temperatures are harmful to perfume
  3. A damp environment is not good
  4. A constant room temperature is best
  5. The bottle should not be shaken
  6. Do not open the perfume unnecessarily often
  7. The atomizer is a great helper for carrying the fragrance with you outside, traveling, for unnecessary opening of the perfume
  8. Do not store fragile vials on the upper shelves (risk of breakage)


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