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Cold Process Breast Milk Making Workshop


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Cold Process Breast Milk Making Workshop

Cold Process Breast Milk Making Workshop is one of the natural method to handmade produce bars soap that DO NOT contain SLS/SLES (sodium laurel sulfate / sodium laureth sulfate) or other harmful chemicals! SLS/SLES can cause dry, itchy and irritated skin. It can also dry out your skin moisture, especially if you use every day!

It’s 1 time learning only you may use it forever skill. This skill will be benefit to you either own use and your family members too.

As the Beginners who join Cold Process Breast Milk Making Workshop will manage to make a perfect art works too. In addition to the teaching of the basic blend to create a natural cold process breast milk soap.

This Cold Process Breast Milk Making Workshop is mothers or soapers want to learn how to make breast milk soap which suitable for family use.

Oversupply breast milk? expired breast milk? expired more than 3 years? Skin sensitive?

Breast milk soap is a good option to avoid wasting precious breast milk. Handmade soap is kinder to sensitive skin and extra moisturizing from milk. learning breast milk soap making in a workshop

What you’ll do
✔Suitable for beginner with zero knowledge of soap making Recipes, ingredients & soap making tools provided in class.
✔Using natural colorants and 100% pure essential OIL.


You will Learns :

  • Hand-on DIY Soap from scratch by using natural ingredients
  • Explain how to use sodium hydroxide correctly and precautions and emergency treatment
  • Understand the whole soaping process, cut soap, soap and precautions with tips and tricks
  • Curing methods, periods and storage.


Product to be complete during the class :

  • You will learn how to make your own “Breastmilk Soap”
  • Whose don’t have the “breastmilk” can replace by “cow Milk”


For physical class students :

  • Tools are provided during the class use


For online class students :

What you’ll receive at home:

  • Full materials will be send to your mailing address
  • A set of theory notes & recipe
  • Live tutorials for your pre-booking selected date & time.


Class Duration : 1 hours

Learning Modes: Theory + Practical (Individual Work)


This workshop is for 16 years and above.



Remarks :

  • For any cancellations after booking will incur a 20% cancellation fee.
  • Blossom do not provide any refunds or replacement classes to participants who are late to the class/cancel two days before the workshop date.
  • All the booking confirmation upon full payment.


? For Registration:
Payment to hongleong bank
2280 0014 593

Blossom de Art Craft Academy

  • All the payment advise must whatsapp to us and provide the details as below :* workshop name & date :* student name* contact

? For enquiry please contact us at

**? Blossom Facebook Link:

**?️Shop Location:

**Instructor : Shirley Lee (She is a certified Handmade soap & candle instructor. With her passionate and creativity, I believe you will come across a fantastic day)


**The class can be conduct in bilingual (Mandarin, English or Malay)


You also can take a look for other ingredients as link Product Ingredients Archives | The Blossom


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Additional information


Basic +/-250g Soap Ingredients, +/- 1kg Soap Ingredients

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