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Candle bush + Neem Soap Block/Herbal/Sabun Neem Daun Gelanggang/Sensitive Skin/Eczema/Dermatitis 对面叶+苦楝混合皂砖


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Candlebush + Neem Soap Block

Candle bush + Neem Soap Block, is a 2 in 1 natural formulated Soap Block. It also known as Gelenggang in Malay, is a traditional malay herbs for soothing eczema and psoriasis (panau and kurap). Its antiflammatory and antibacterial properties reduce skin allergies and irritation.

[Candlebush + Neem Soap Block Benefits:]

** Special for : Dry skin, Sensitive Skin, Eczema, Mild Allergies & Body Odor

1. To reduce the accumulation of bacteria and unpleasant body odor.
2. Reduce inflammation
3. Anti-bacteria
4. Treats eczema & mild skin allergies
5. Anti-Pruritic

6. Reduce itchiness
7. Against ringworms

[Product Description]

  • “SOAP BLOCK” is large bar of soap that not yet slices
  • Soap Block weighs about +/- 900 grams.
  • It can be cut into 8-10 pieces
  • Cost saving if cut to 8 pieces RM40 cheaper from original per bar price !
  • This is the economical package for all the families usage.



  1. “SOAP BLOCK” is large bar of soap that not yet slices
  2. It’s fully cured/saponified but not yet fully dried
  3. Soap block are sold without any packing
  4. You can request either cut yourself or we cut for you (2.5cm depth each of the bar)
  5. Once receive, you are required to dry it yourself.

Drying Method:

  • Loosely arrange the cut pieces in a basket.
  • The soap will be dried and ready to be use in 4 weeks.
  • Before the soap mature or dried, do not wrap the soap with paper, plastic or anything at all.


• For Body and Hand  • 100% Biodegradable
• No Artificial Colorant,  • No Artificial Fragrance • Chemical Free • Zero Waste  • Not Tested on Animals • Environment-Friendly

?#对面叶有强大的✔️ #杀菌功效✔️ #可以止痒✔️ #减少紅疹✔️ #藓及皮肤溃烂问题 ✔️?天然

? 对面叶入皂,经过1个月的凉皂,叶子里的精华完全释放及融入皂体,让您在洗澡时也可以“治疗”您的皮肤!清水清洗干净后完全不残留任何经皮毒或化学物品在皮肤上。洗澡后的泡泡流入沟渠、河流或大海,微生物可以在24小时内就完全分解,不会污染到环境。 清洁用品成份越简单的才是越好的! 回到最简单的清洁方式 让肌肤呼吸。?


  • “肥皂块”是尚未切片的大块肥皂
  • 肥皂块重约 +/- 900 克。
  • 可以切成8-10块
  • 如果削减到 8 件就可以节省成本,比原来的每条价格便宜 40 令吉!
  • 这是所有家庭使用的经济套餐。

*** 下单前请注意***

  1. “肥皂块”是尚未切片的大块肥皂
  2. 它已完全固化/皂化但尚未完全干燥
  3. 肥皂块在没有任何包装的情况下出售
  4. 您可以要求自己切割或我们为您切割(每个条形深度为 2.5 厘米)
  5. 收到后,您需要自己晾干。


  • 将切好的碎片松散地放在篮子里。
  • 肥皂将在 4 周内干燥并准备好使用。
  • 在肥皂成熟或干燥之前,不要用纸、塑料或任何东西包裹肥皂。

“TheBlossom” handmade soap was examined by reliable of laboratory to ensure is safe from major heavy metal & microorganism.

(Kindly refer to the laboratory test report as attachment)

You also can take a look for other “TheBlossom” series of products as link Product Ingredients Archives | The Blossom


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