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Candle Jelly Wax – Super Hard/ Jelly Gel/ Jelly Wax/ High Transparent/ Smokeless Candle Making Wax

Packing: 500 gram packed in plastic container



Candle Jelly Wax – super hard

Candle Jelly Wax – Super Hard is High quality blister packaging gel Jelly candle wax Soft and elastic, smokeless, highly transparent, crystal jelly.
Children arts and crafts DIY, Raw material of wax candle, Transparent gels, non-poisonous.
Gel Candles can be made very beautifully by adding embellishments like pigments, sea shells, pebbles, flowers, beads and many other natural things.
Candle Jelly Wax – Super Hard is ability to suspend dense pigments & decorative items, great for DIY candles gifts.
  • Texture: hard (no container)
  • Melting point: over 100 degrees
  • Candle Jelly Wax – semi transparent is manufactured from specially processed mineral oils.
  • Candle Jelly Wax burns longer than paraffin wax.
How to use:
  • Put the jelly wax into the steel melting cup,
  • Set the Induction cooker at a minimum temperature to make it melting slowly
  • After complete melting, keep the temperature below 100 degrees and add dyes, essence, or other things you like Stir evenly, then pour into the container.
Reduce bubbles occurrence, glass and other containers are cooler, you can use a hair dryer to preheat the cup to reduce bubbles
We suggest to experiment with a small batch first to achieve the right scent and explore new ways of making gel candles.

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