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Natural vs Organic Cosmetics : What’s the difference?

The Definition of Natural Cosmetics

A natural cosmetic is a cosmetic that contains at least 95% natural ingredients. Not only does the label require that this percentage be met, but there are also restrictions put in place for what is allowed to compose the last 5%. Numerous ingredients such as silicones and PEGs are prohibited.

What is an Organic Cosmetic?

With even more exigence required than with natural cosmetics, organic cosmetics are certified based on the ingredients originating from organic farming. 

The Definition of Organic Cosmetics

An organic cosmetic is a natural cosmetic, that also must contain a certain percentage of ingredients originating from organic farming. In this case, at least 95% of ingredients capable of being organic must be.

Water and Minerals are organic?

Present in a majority of cosmetics, water cannot be considered organic because it cannot be cultivated, unlike other ingredients, such as plant extracts. The same goes for minerals, such as clay for example, these ingredients are directly collected from the earth.

In order to have the utmost transparency on what is truly in your cosmetics, there is a 2nd percentage indicated on the products. This percentage is the amount of organic ingredients compared to the totality of the product. This percentage has a 20% minimum (10% for rinsable products, like shower gels or cosmetics with a higher percentage of minerals).

What’s the difference between organic cosmetics and conventional cosmetics?

The difference between an organic cosmetic and a classic cosmetic lays largely within their composition. When making general comparisons, the two may seem similar. It’s upon further inspection in their ingredients that we see the two are very different. 

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