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DIY Beeswax Wood Polish Balm

Beeswax ?is wax naturally produced by honey? bees. Beeswax is widely used in food, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industry.

Other than above use, Surprising white beeswax also can use to polish & clean the wood furniture and leather.

Beeswax furniture polish is a safe, natural, and effective way to bring new life to wood furniture. You can use it to polish finished furniture, to clean up damaged pieces, or as a stand-alone finish on unfinished wood. It is also great for cutting boards!

The easy version for all crafted do it together :

DIY Beeswax Wood Polish Balm

1️⃣Sweet Almond Oil /Coconut Oil 2/3 Cup

2️⃣1/3 cup White Beeswax

1. In a double boiler, add the beeswax until it melts.

2. Pour into a wide mouth mason jar and allow to cool.

3. With a clean cloth, add a dab to the furniture you want to polish, and in a circular motion, work the polish in.

4. Allow the polish to sit overnight.

5. You can check if it is completely dry, touching the surface with the tip of a finger and it should not be sticky.

Just get started, and you could have your natural polish balm in just 5 minutes!

Stay tune…for more upload “Free” Recipe…!

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