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Bridal and Bachelorette Parties

Bridal & Bachelorette Parties, Your big day awaits – it’s time to create some lasting memories. Gather your best friends, and start the celebrations by designing your own signature perfume in a fun, interactive, and fascinating workshop.

Scent has our strongest ability to evoke memories, so if you wear something other than your everyday fragrance, you’ll be able to associate that smell specifically with your wedding day and the beautiful memories you create.

Everything about your wedding day is special and customized: the location, decorations, your dress, your jewelry, the food and music.

Now you can customize your own perfume. Your unique fragrance is a reflection of your personality and a memento of the day you take your vows to one love another forever.

It is also an ideal group event for Bridal & Bachelorette Parties!


    • Explore
      Uncover the rich history of perfume and learn the hidden secrets of perfume creation.


    • Discover
      Unleash your scent personality and define the purpose of your signature scent.


    • Choose
      Explore our exclusive range of essences and select your precious ingredients.


  • Craft
    Infuse your choice of scent essences in an alcohol base, and create a unique perfume with your chosen name and bottle design.

Pick your Perfume Creation Experience:

  • Bridal Shower
  • Bachelorette Party
  • “His” and “Hers” Fragrances
  • Corporate / Private Bonding Experience
  • Bridal & Corporate Party Gifts and Guest Favors And don’t forget to ask for a quote on any of your custom handmade diy events fragrance you created.

This delightful Bridal and Bachelorette Parties workshop will be led by one of our expert scent designers, who will guide your bride/groom and your friends to explore the world of fine perfumes and craft your very own scent creations in joy and laughter.

The workshop includes one tailored perfume per person.

Depending on the group size, the session will last between one and two hours.




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