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Blossom de Art Craft Academy


Blossom de Art Craft Academy

Blossom de Art Craft Academy (Blossom’s Academy) been around since it’s foundation in 2017 as an International Handicraft & Design School that proposes various handicrafts courses that diverse designs related based on natural, eco-friendly materials and carefully sourced from cruelty-free suppliers based on scents, such as perfumery, natural soap, candle making, plaster design making and also educates and trains related experts.

Along the years, we has steadily grown as a leading in various natural handicrafts school in Malaysia too. We specializes in manufacturing with natural ingredients with own R&D specialists. Therefore, we are able to develop a high quality product’s recipe and step by step making techniques.

This is a great chance for existing crafters whose currently running a workshop or preparing to start a business in a diversified craft market, and those who want to enjoy emotional hobbies.

All of our courses are conducted by skilled professionals who have years of experience in the field.

We strive to continue our mission to grooming more professional entrepruener in handicrafts.

Blossom’s Academy is the perfect place for aspiring entrepreneurs to gain the skills and knowledge to start their own handmade business. Our courses provide a wide range of options tailored to fit each of you too.

Materials Consultancy Support

A localise retail and online entrepreneur store for hand crafters. We not only provide the professional courses and also a materials provider as wholesaler in candle, soap, plaster, essential oil, fragrance, skincare, cosmetic, body care diy ingredients to ease the crafter in sourcing the quality materials for all handmade products. By provide consultancy to the crafter related all the materials application will drive crafter to a better step over the handmade standard.

We are out of touch with the natural world

Blossom’s Art pratice with natural ingredients as the main ingredient for most of the handicrafts.
We learn wisdom and healing from nature.

Every great journey starts with Imagination

Blossom’s Art lead your Imagination and enables guide to evaluate alternative paths forward your idea career.

Life Healthy Soul And Happy Life

This ultimate goal of Blossom’s Art is aimed to groom more entreprueners with professional skills in all the handicrafts to obtain an useful, competitive and good quality design handicrafts, using all natural raw materials.

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