Dream, the word we must be very familiar with. Still remember during our childhood time it also be our essay title. At that time, we must be full of ambition to write this topic with full of inspiration. Majority of us will have the ambition to become a doctor, lawyer, teacher, and many, many other occupations too.

But it is strange that many people will come across with such an experience that people around will always say “do not daydreams”, “ do not think too much” to suppress our dream.

Once upon a time our dream was described as being “think too much”. “Think too much” is not a problem, but if think without action is the biggest problem. Of course, the reality is always cruel when we are getting older, we are no longer talk about the dream. We just manage to figure up how to survive with three meals a day or maybe can have a little spare cash to travel, most of us already felt satisfied.

However, try to ask yourself in your deepest heart ” Are you willing to let go of your DREAM? and continue live in this condition…..

BLOSSOM DE ART CRAFT ACADEMY is the creation of our “think too much” dream product. Our philosophy are “RELAX”,”REFRESH” &”RENEW” ourself and also to promote more creative handmade art with full of inspiration.
We wish to provide the cozy atmosphere and friendly platform for our BLOSSOM CLUB members to explore their creativity and imagination in art.

Here, we have coming launching varieties of handmade workshop which could let our members to feel relax and it also help to reduce the stress in the life too during the craft time. It may help to inspire more people to develope in art as their career path too.
We also like everyone as “an ordinary people”. Everybody is equal as I believe if I can you can he can everyone also can. Don’t think without action. “Just do it” !


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Art Talented Artiest Platform 教学或艺术品销售平台

Blossom providing platform to whom interested in teaching or art-work selling. To whom had talented in some where, we are always welcome to join in our platform without hesitate. Blossom提供对教学或艺术品销售感兴趣的朋友们一个平台。对于在某些地方有才华的人,我们毫不犹豫地随时欢迎您加入我们的平台。让我们一起成长. 


Professional Entrepreneur Course 专业企业家课程

Blossom is an academy to providing professional entrepreneur course to whom interested involve in handmade business circle. The course is providing varieties of selection based on budget & interest. In addition, marketing strategic & business back up are always provide to learner. Blossom是一个提供专业企业家课程的学院,有兴趣参与手工制作的朋友们,可以根据预算和兴趣选择各种课程。此外,营销战略和业务备份始终提供给学习者。让我们的服务一直陪伴在你的“创业”路上.


Wholesales Handcraft materials手作原材料供应

Blossom providing varieties of selection in handcraft’s tools & materials. Majority import from oversea & with recognize certificate to ensure quality & pricing are meet to our customer requirement. Blossom提供手工艺工具和材料的各种选择。大量从海外进口并获得认可证书以确保质量和价格符合我们的客户要求。我们也提供特别奖励于我们的“Blossom” Club的会员.


OEM HandGift or DoorGift 礼品代制

Blossom providing varieties selection of OEM handgift or doorgift for wedding, company annual dinner, special event, fullmoon ceremony & etc….we can custom make to fulfill client needed. Blossom提供各式各样选择的礼品代制服务. 让婚礼,公司年度晚宴,特别活动,满月仪式等 可以拥有独一无二的礼品….我们可以定制,以满足客户需要。我们强调手作的独特性和品牌,让你的礼品为你的“活动”更加生辉。


ART Event Organizer 艺术活动组织服务

Blossom providing art event organization service for institute, company, school, private organization & etc…To help for promoting “your” company’s products or event. In addition, to enrich teaching syllabus for education institute. Blossom为学院,公司,学校,私人组织等提供艺术活动组织服务……帮助推广“您的”公司的产品或活动。此外,还能丰富教育学院的教学大纲。让你的“学府”更加多元和更有艺术的薰陶.


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